Packing when Planning a Move



When you are planning a move, there is stress no matter what you do. But there are some ways in which you can minimize this stress, and make your move go a lot smoother.  It is important to cover all of the things you will need when moving to your new home. Weeks before the move, you can start gathering boxes. You can either buy them at a moving store. Or check the local stores dumpsters. You can often get good boxes there.  You can try recycling centers, or maybe your office in which you work at. Your boxes will often be flat when you get them. A way to solve this is use tape at the bottom of the box.  Start packing up all of the little items (the clutter). This gives you the perfect chance to get rid of anything you will not need. When throwing these items, just think to yourself “When was the last time I really used this?”  If you haven’t used it, in who knows how long get rid of it. When boxing your items up as you are planning a move, try to keep it organized. Label all of your boxes. Then you will know which room the box goes to when you get to your new home.


If you hired a moving company, they may even provide you with boxes for free, or at a charge. They may also offer you the tape and bubble wrap also. You have tons of options when you are moving. You can get bubble wrap for your move fragile items. When you put those items into your boxes make sure you label them also as fragile. I would label that a couple times on each side of the box.  When you begin to pack your items, don’t make the boxes to heavy. You don’t want the bottom of the box to blow out, and shatter or break whatever is in that box. Using the tape can help prevent this from happening.


You have to be prepared for anything when planning a move even if it means assisting the moving company you hire